Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is how cold the sea feels in Cornwall at the moment although I know it ain't a patch on Scotland or the North East where big blocks of ice floating through the line-up isn't unusual. Surfing in that is proper commitment.....or just plain crazy.

But this photo also reminded me that the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit finished up a couple of weeks ago, and despite all the media buzz while it was happening, I didn't hear much about the outcomes so I just did some research.

No legally binding deal.
No long term global emissions cuts targets.
No timescale for when the political agreement can be turned into a legally-binding treaty.
Other agreements, such as dealing with deforestation, shelved until the next conference.

So will the glacier in this photo continue to recede? It looks like it. Nice one world leaders, we relied on you and you choked.
Which means that it's down to the rest of us to do our own little bit I guess - car share, buy local, insulate your roof space, participate in non-motorised sports, meat-free mondays, anything else you can think of, oh, and spreading the word.

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