Sunday, December 20, 2009

A few moments to inspire...

The photographic result of a two year collaborative project between one of the worlds foremost surf photographers, Dustin Humphrey, and influential surf film maker Taylor Steele, Sipping Jetstreams is just about as inspirational as it can get when it comes to international surf travel. Digging just that little bit deeper to get under the skin of what it is we really expose ourselves to along the way whilst searching out a wave to ride, this give's you a glimpse at the bigger picture.

The photo-geeks amongst you might be interested to know that Humphrey shot each location/section using a different film stock to give each it's own characteristics, even taking the risk of cross processing all the images from one trip to over-saturate the colours.

The sequel, Castles In The Sky is due out anytime soon featuring India, Iceland, Peru and Vietnam to name a few and I can't wait to see it if their first attempt is anything to go by.

Click play but don't hold me responsible if you get the uncontrollable urge to go buy a plane ticket and a few rolls of film as a result.

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