Sunday, January 17, 2010

The beautiful mind of Mr Scott Bryant

Anyone who's ever met Scotty has a story about him, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. More often than not the ridiculous.

He's one of the most intensly creative humans I know though, not just through the noise he makes with his various music projects but in pretty much every aspect of his day to day existence; nobody else I know would have a glove stuck over the end of their rear windshield wiper so that when looking in the rear-view mirror it's waving at you.

I just re-read a short essay that he wrote a while ago about Love and Art. How they are inextricably linked, self perpetuating and how each one needs the other to exist and flourish. It's a pretty mind blowing and inspirational piece of writing and fills me with hope.
I'm not going to type it out here or quote it, but maybe just sit back and have a think about it:

Art=Love & Love=Art. Simple.

Every now and then I get him to hold still long enough to make a portrait of him, in this one all wrapped up in a Nepalese blanket/jacket hybrid...and shorts. Only Scott.

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