Sunday, July 25, 2010


A double shot of Jones'in for ya: Mike and Dave are two friends of mine who, as you've probably guessed are identical twins. A pair of Welsh car whisperers and drink builders, I've had the pleasure of pouring booze alongside them on a number of occasions, and technically I should be able to make a pretty good coffee being that Dave taught me and he officially makes the best cappuccino in the UK. This photo is from Daves girl's birthday party, a 1920's themed throw down where the boys ran the bar, and all of their friends had to resort to calling them "Jones" for the first time in years from being unable to tell the difference between brothers. We all felt a bit bad about this, until I showed them the photo and they both struggled to pick themselves out too.

Usual surf/travel content will start to reappear as of next week all being well; Posting from overseas has meant short and sweets but once I've developed the films from my current mission (6 rolls and counting so far) I'll start to drip feed a few shots onto here. As for now though, I'm loading my boardbag into the back of my friends truck and going camping in the desert for the next week looking for surf. It's 40 degrees celcius outside right now, and the ocean feels like a cup of tea. Pretty darn hot.

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