Monday, July 19, 2010

Flipping Massive

This is massive. Whilst the rest of us climbed up to the jump point and quickly wished we hadn't, my friend Brett Grieff of Ocean Beach, San Diego scrambled around the top of the waterfall a bit until he figured he was at about the right height:

"I used to do this off Sunset Cliffs back home all the time"

Bullshit. I'm calling he spent his youth being trained up as a high-diver or gymnast, because whilst the rest of us muttered a few choice unrepeateables and leapt, winding up the widows the whole way down before splashing awkwardly and with zero style, young Brett executed possibly THE most graceful and poised backflip that I've ever seen. And then just to prove that it wasn't a fluke he went and did it a few more times while I took some photos.
Brett's a little over six feet tall, and taking into consideration my wide angle lens warping the perspective a bit I'd conservatively estimate that this is a solid 18 meter high cliff next to the waterfall. Like I said, this is massive.

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