Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Glimpse Through the Lens of Mr Joe Curren

Those of you with one foot in the surfing world will probably have heard of Joe Curren: born into one of surfings most iconic families, his father Pat was one of the original pioneers of the North Shore of Oahu, and in particular the big surf of Waimea and is an esteemed big wave gun shaper, whilst his elder brother Tom was America's first World Champion and one of modern surfing's most influential stylists. Joe has the style and flow gifted by his genetics, but rather than following the well trodden road of competitive surfing he has instead forged a career as a free surfer and photographer.
Joe travels to surf and take photographs. Rather than being a surf photographer however, his output is more that of a photographer who surfs, allowing it to influence rather than define his work. A staunch advocate of shooting on film and one of the lucky few to own a Hasselblad X-Pan which produces the stunning images above, he is one of the most prolific chroniclers of the fabled right hand point break at Rincon near his home in Santa Barbara, California.
In between stints at home as the the crown prince of Rincon, Joe travels to some of the more far-flung locales of the surfing world such as Iceland, West Africa, the Great Lakes, Taiwan and Japan to surf and shoot photos.
His website and blog are well worth taking the time to dig through and appreciate some of his photographic work which is as artful as his surfing, then take the inspiration, buy some rolls of film and go catch a plane.

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