Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flat Spell Blues

The North Atlantic has been asleep for the past few weeks and it's starting to show.  Friends are going fishing and jogging when normally they'd be sitting on a surfboard enjoying the long summer evenings, people are twitchy and tempers are getting short.  Meanwhile, my friends in South Africa have been enjoying a really good run of swell (some evidence hereas autumn starts to morph into winter so, here for all of the European surfers (and for anybody else for that matter who's not got in the sea for the past few weeks for anything more then a "scratching the itch" fitness paddle) are a few images of some Southern Hemisphere winter waves ripe for a bit of mind-surfing.  I hope that this doesn't compound the frustration but helps you through the lean times by facilitating a bit of down-the-line day dreaming.  There're waves on the way, wherever you are.

The first two guys tip toeing their way across the bricks to the keyhole, probably with their hearts beating a bit faster than normal for a number of reasons. 

What alarm clocks were invented for.

This chalkboard hangs on the wall of Ubuntu guest house in Jeffreys Bay and the last time I paid a visit I figured I'd take a shot for memory's sake.  Wise words, and advice well worth taking.

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