Monday, July 11, 2011

The Kook

The hyper-creative Mr. Daniel Crockett has released the 2nd edition of The Kook surfing newspaper. An independent UK based surf publication with over 90 international contributors, The Kook is all about the creative side of what we all do. There are no paid advertisements and all contributors provide their creativity for free, simply for the sake and love of it, including some very high profile people in the wide world of surf - and some very low profilers.
I got in touch with Dan a while back about a photo project that I've been working on (2/3rd's complete to date) and it turned out to be deadline day. He managed to sneakily squeeze one of my other images in there for which I'm very grateful, prizes if you can spot it...

Please help to support independent, creative surf journalism.

Purchase The Kook through Dan's blog or website, or from selected discerning surf shops.

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