Sunday, July 3, 2011

Art on Walls

Art on walls? I love it.

I'll put that in context: good art or poignant statements (not shite tag scrawls) in appropriate places is amazing and contrary to the opinion of many city councils can enhance urban environments. When I was at university in Plymouth I worked for a company called After Dark Media who organised the renovation of the skanky old underground bus station. Previously the concrete underpasses were the preferred hangout of the city's homeless and it was kind of an intimidating place once the sun had gone down, not to mention it stank of piss. But the council sorted the lighting out and it was transformed by a collection of graffiti artists over one weekend into a colourful, vibrant and engaging space. In the right place, and in the right context, why wouldn't you put art on the walls for everyone to enjoy?

Images: The assorted wall art of Barcelona, Melbourne, London, Oman and Morocco.

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