Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Yer Bike

Styling old bike and basket, Tokyo.

Every bike-riding kid in the world knows about backies. Just keep your ankles clear of the gears... Sri Lanka.

Bikes are brilliant. Did you know that they're the most efficient form of self-powered human transport? Something like 99 percent of the energy that you put into the pedals gets transferred to the wheels. That's pretty amazing.

Millions of people on this planet use bicycles as their primary form of transport, and I think that this is something that often passes those of us who live in "developed" countries by. The beach and the local shop are at the end of my lane, and I have to drive for an hour to get to work. I can walk to the beach and the shops, and there's no way I could pedal my pushie to work everyday. I wish I could. But here's the thing, if you regularly take on a journey that's more than a ten minute walk and less than a 15 minute drive, why not get on your bike? After all, it's good for you and the planet. Win/win.

My friend Will is one half of Brother Cycles; he and his brother (funny that) make exquisite track and fixed gear cycles up in the 'don, the sort that if you own one, you also need to own a damn good bike lock. Where I live is waaay too hilly for a single speed bike though; I've had them before (beach cruisers though) and they can be hard work with a surfboard under one arm.

The video below features a guy called James Bowthorpe. James is an ambassador for Finisterre (an award-winning ethical outdoor apparel company run by some friends of mine) who pedalled his way around the world a while back and wasn't put off enough to stop him him from entering the Race Across America. The guy's calves must be enormous. It's a beautifully shot video.

30 Century Man from Antony Crook on Vimeo.

I'm planning on taking a bit of inspiration from all this though, my bike needs the cobwebs blowing off it, a bit of an oil and a go out in the sunshine. Why don't you do yourself a favour and do the same?

The North Shore bike path runs the entire Eastern length of the North Shore of Oahu's 7-mile-miracle, from Waimea to Velzyland. It's just about the quickest and most efficient way of checking the surf. Backdoor and my bike.

These guys have the right idea.


  1. What a great post, loved this write up, so much so I decided to get a bike and ride the 6 miles to work i should have done years ago! Cheers - Karl

  2. Thanks so much Karl, having just a single positive impact like that makes every single blog post I've thrown up worth it. I hope you're enjoying riding to work, and cheers for taking the time to comment, Mat.