Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Soothing Songs of The Stone Siblings

Back in December Angus and Julia Stone, a stupidly talented brother-sister duo from Sydney's Northern Beaches returned to Cornwall to play another live show in Falmouth just a stones throw down the river from the sawmills studio near Fowey where they recorded the bulk of their last album Down The Way. Sorry, I didn't even realise I'd made that "stones throw" pun until I just re-read it. I'm leaving it in though, no shame.
It was probably one of the hardest gigs that I've ever tried to photograph - all low lighting, twinkling and backlit, exacerbated by the fact that I rocked up with friends and had a drink in the bar before going in rather than getting there early and waiting down the front with my cantankerous camera. When I did get in there, I was promptly surrounded by enormous box-headed rugby players so had to shoot these stood on my tip toes. I would've just hung at the back listening with my eyes closed though, they're that good live.
I'd urge you to do your ears a favour and go give them a listen. They're both so damn talented that they've also got solo and side-projects on the go too so with a bit of internet rummaging you should be able to turn up some real nice music.

And if you're into Julia Stone's sound then seek out Lisa Hannigan and her album "Sea Sew", she was the cellist and duet vocalist on Damien Rice's "O" album and has some really nice material.

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