Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Fun

Imagine this. I mean, apart from the "No Littering" rule, that's a list prohibiting some of the things that bring the most joy to my life, and I'd guess to many of yours too. I don't think these rules are applied these days - the sign hangs unemployed on the wall of the lifeguard station at the back of the main beach in Jeffreys Bay as a hangover and horrible reminder of the days of apartheid, and I surfed the reef at the end of the beach most days no doubt under the watchful eye of said "law enforcement" without being called out. We occasionally had fires on the beach, locals fished off the sand and we took the work dogs out for runs and a splash in the shorey on a daily basis, so there's more than one reason to be thankful for the changes that rightly took place fifteen odd years ago.
I just got back from a week away with a friend camping out the back of a rental car, surfing every day and watching fishermen on the rocks, with the odd attempt at lighting damp driftwood fires to drink a beer around and dry our wetsuits as the sun sank into the sea.
I say be grateful for the opportunity to indulge in these small joys. Just make sure you take your rubbish away with you when the day is done, as I'm sure you all do.

Here's to more of the above this coming year.

Also, as an aside, last weeks Boxing Day post has been re-published by the good folk at Drift surf mag, click the jump to get a load of the other good stuff that they push out there. Cheers.

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  1. Hey, I read this post with much interest, amazing to think this still can be found...thanks for sharing-Karl