Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moving Photographs

Moving photographs. Is that why they're called movies?

There're a couple of surf movies due out over the next couple of months that have got me pretty excited.

Todays post was meant to be a quick and easy one to spread the word about said surf movies, but instead I've spent longer than normal sat here trying to change file formats and upload and do things that I don't understand. So I've given up because I want to go and play outside. There are now links instead, so it'll take a bit more footwork on your part to get the full visual experience, but it'll be worth it.

The latest instalment in the Sipping Jetstreams series premieres any day soon at the New York Surf Film festival and looks AMAZING. Taylor Steele and Dustin Humprey have gone and done it again, combining some of the worlds most progressive surfers with some visually stunning destinations. All about the journey over the destination, and going one step further. Check it here.

The clip that I REALLY wanted to upload but couldn't because I'm a bit of a techno-tard, is for woodshed films latest epic 180 Degrees South. Click here to link straight to the trailer. Watched it? Doesn't it make you just want to pack it all in and go on an adventure?

Jeff Johnson and the Malloys have been doing exciting surfing/climbing/rugged outdoorsy trips for ages, most of them finding an outlet through high end publications such as The Surfers Journal or through producing coffee table books - walk/swim treks around remote islands, driving the length of Baja in a vegetable oil powered truck, surf trips on bicycles.....if it sounds like an alternative, environmentally friendly surf trip, they're probably the brains behind it. And Jeff Johnson takes some real nice pictures as he does all of this fun stuff.

180 South replicates the trip that inspired Yvon Chouinard to go ahead and call his company Patagonia, and grow it into the worlds leading environmentally conscious apparel retailer. California to the bottom of South America down the Pacific coast to surf, sail, climb a massive mountain and highlight the threat to an incredible wilderness area posed by hydroelectric dams.

Go check the trailer to get the full story though.

Due out June 8th (already touring cinemas in the states I think) and with a beautiful big coffee table book accompanying it too.

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