Sunday, May 16, 2010

Glass Slippers

From functional footwear to installation art:
These multi-coloured solid steppers are nailed up outside the door of the
Phoenix surfboards factory in North Cornwall. They used to enclose the feet of Mr Paul Fluin, one of the finest laminators in this land until all of the little droplets of resin caked them, turned them rock hard and rendered them unwearable. Rumour has it that Paul used to laminate surfboards barefoot because of the number of pairs of shoes that he ruined in the glassing room; he'd finish his day at work and wash his feet in acetone to get all of the resin off his skin.
Now the shoes of most surfboard laminators would just end up coated in standard clear resin and look like they'd been dipped in glass, but the gents at Phoenix have the bespoke end of the market covered and one of their specialisms is beautiful coloured resin tints, hence the multicoloured glassy wonders pictured above. It seems only right that once decomissioned they be hung up for all to appreciate.
It's a pretty solid team up at the pig shed, with Bro wielding the power-planer and Paul encasing the resultant creations in fibreglass; the boards that leave the pig shed with a phoenix decal on them make their way to the more boutique surf stores in the south west, whilst you can safely assume that if any North Cornish spot is having its day of days then you'll spot a few boards bearing the performance lines
Diplock logo. Check their output here, but good luck getting them to answer the phone, they're far too busy making beautiful surfboards.

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