Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who Saw Who

Music from Wales....not the eerie underwater whines of a giant leviathan, but the solid and prolific output of "The Land of my Fathers"...they love music almost as much as rugby and daffodils on the other side of the Severn.
For a small nation, Wales churns out a disproportionate number of top rate musicians, singers and bands like Harry Secombe, Aled Jones, and now, Who Saw Who.

Rising from the ruins of The Winchester 4, the Brothers Williams are now flanked by ripping singer Lucy Winter and new drummer Danny Shaw, and they've spent the winter snowed in at a recording studio in the depths of Wales. The result is a new 4-track EP which is available for free download here although for those of you who like me enjoy holding an actual for real hard copy CD, the boys assure me it's being mastered and sent to the printers imminently.
So if you're partial to your rock music spiked with jagged indie vocals and duets, thumping rhythm and stoccato riffs, check 'em. It's like being punched on the ear by an angel. Hard.

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