Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving on...

Moving house is not a task that that I particularly enjoy. Which is ironic, because I would estimate (conservatively) that in the past 9 years I haven't lived in one place for any more than 9 months. Of that, the last 6 years the maximum amount of time that I have spent residing in any one dwelling is 6 months; which means that by now I am pretty good at this moving house business. I feel a bit like a snail. So I have spent this weekend packing up my life once again and shifting it someplace else, leaving behind one of the most astoundingly beautiful views on the Cornish coast. Here's a rough image of the view out of my window these past 6 months, certainly one of the things that I'll miss alongside being able to step onto the sand and paddle out from the bottom of our garden. You know what they say though....."a change is as good as a holiday" and anyways, regularly changing your view keeps life interesting.

Top Image: A shearers cottage that I lived in whilst working on a big sheep station on the South
Island of New Zealand in 2007.

Bottom Image: An unfortunately dusty and scratched negative scan of the view from the smug lounge window of Wavecrest, New Polzeath, Cornwall. Winter 2010.

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