Sunday, November 3, 2013

LS/FF 2013

Well it's been a busy week.  This time last week I was trying to get to Nazare in Portugal before the sun set to see whether the St Judes mega swell had arrived.  On Monday morning I was stood on the cliffs there taking photos of enormous swells breaking beneath and yet seeming to tower over the lighthouse there.  And right now, a week later, I'm sat at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London, as the 2013 London Surf Film Festival wraps up for another year.  This is the festival's third year and this year I was lucky enough to not only be invited to exhibit some photography, but to also be the event photographer.
It's been a busy couple of days, but great fun and it's great to be involved with such a highlight of the British surf scene's year.  It seems as though half of Cornwall have come up for the weekend, as well as loads of London surfers and it's really nice to catch up with some familiar faces.

On Saturday afternoon there was a free event with solo surf travel adventurer Kepa Acero making the trip across from the Basque Country (and missing a classic day at his home break Mundaka) to present some of his short movies, and the premiere of Finisterre's short film Fv25.  In the evening there was a "Surf Trippin' Triple Bill" with three brilliant movies that I've been looking forward to watching for ages; Compassing by Cyrus Sutton, The Fortune Wild, and Chris Burkard's Russia about his exploratory trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula.  If you get the chance then all of the above are worth watching.

This year the Approaching Lines room showcased art, photography, and surfboards, with a live shaping demonstration on Saturday evening in a specially built booth.  It was great to be a part of the London Surf Film Festival again this year, and massive thanks has to go out to Chris and Demi for masterminding such a great weekend.  I'm looking forward to next year already, and this year's festival hasn't even finished.  Speaking of which, I'd better get back upstairs for the awards ceremony...

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