Monday, June 24, 2013

Signs of Surf

The island of Baleal sits just of the west coast of Portugal, four kilometres north of the town of Peniche and separated the mainland by a sand spit tombola.  It is a popular surfing destination because each of the surrounding beaches works on different swell and wind directions, making the most of whatever the conditions are.  The single track road runs across the tombola and loops around the small island, with just a few small residential streets branching off it.  Because the village on the island is old, dating back hundreds of years to it's beginnings as a whaling port, the streets are narrow, cobbled, and not particularly suitable for tourist traffic.  As a consequence the island is dotted with no-entry signs to direct the flow of traffic, and every single one has had this wonderful stencil spray painted onto it: surf stencilling at it's very best.

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