Sunday, September 23, 2012

France: Dix Points!

Hurricane swells; sand dunes with wooden boardwalks; the smell of pine trees; croissants; short hollow rights; long reeling lefts; cafe au lait; offshore mornings; cheese; red wine; baguettes; bodysurfing the shorebreak; not being allowed in E.Leclerc without shoes on; citroen meharis; sand in your wetsuit; paddling (a lot); bicycles; barrels.

J'adore le Sud-Ouest de la France en septembre!

I hitched a ride down through France with my friends from Surf Simply in Costa Rica who're out here for the next five weeks hosting a series of week long, all inclusive residential surfing courses.  We've spent this past week driving the coast "checking the sandbars" ready for their first guests who arrived today, and I've been babysitting a funny small dog in-between surfs and shooting photos.  They're fully booked apart from the final week, October 13th-20th, which still has some space.  If you like the idea of being driven around to go surfing, getting some great video coaching and then returning to an amazing house full of incredible surf art to a dinner prepared by a private chef, then e-mail:

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