Sunday, July 8, 2012

Much Better Now

Surfing and books.  Two of my favourite things but so much greater than the sum of their parts in this web-short from Portuguese studio Salon Alpin.  

This inspirational five and a half minutes will lift your spirits and remind you of the wonderful world that opens up before you whenever you find something that you love.  Just imagine being this little bookmark; doesn't it remind you of how you felt when you realised that there was a big wide world beyond your local beach and that you could surf ALL OVER it.  Kind of like losing yourself in a good book and, upon finishing, looking up to find yourself in a library full of them.  Deep joy.

Post Script:
Massive props to Joe Leach who beached his kayak yesterday evening on Swanpool Beach in Falmouth, arriving from the North having set out and turned South 67 days ago.  Joe just completed the fastest ever solo unsupported circumnavigation of the British Isles, smashing the world record by 5 days which is huge.  Along the way Joe raised a load of money for Surfers Against Sewage, grew a solid beard and also picked up three pieces of marine litter every day.  Read a blog post that I published about him a few weeks ago, read his blog and donate because it's not too late.  Massive congratulations Joe.

Joe's girlfriend Jess welcoming him home after 67 days at sea. Image by Ben Spicer of Cornish Rock Tors.

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