Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Meditation In Motion - Podcast Special

This time last year I was sat on a train on the way to Morocco. I find travelling long distances by train to be quite a meditative experience; much like surfing and climbing you tend to focus in on the here and now and all worries and concerns are, at least momentarily, forgotten. Often by the time you arrive at your destination they're no longer such a worry or concern thanks to the calming effects of time and movement.

This week An Tor Orth An Mor takes a different track, offering up a ten minute podcast titled "A Meditation In Motion" to give your eyes a break from the photos and text and letting your ears take over for a week.

Images taken from "The Train To Taghazoute", an article that I produced for Drift surf magazine. All images by Mat Arney apart from surfing sequence above shot by Marc Fennell of Surf Berber.

Backing tracks from "A Meditation In Motion":

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