Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shaping Up Nicely

I wish I'd had the opportunity to learn how to shape surfboards when I was at school.

The grommets at Richard Lander School in Truro, Cornwall, get to do just that and under the guidance of Richard Scott (the head of the Design Technology department who also happens to be an accomplished shaper under his label thirdshade) they turn out some damned beautiful surfboards.
Through last Spring and Summer I put together an article about the process which involved hauling exam tables down to the beach and setting up a classroom on the sand then trying to get the boys to play ball for some shots. It was like herding cats but we got a few images and the guys over at Korduroy put it out this week which I'm real stoked about. If you want the full story and the images then click on through and fill your boots...

Shaping/glassing images by the staff and students of Richard Lander School, Truro.
Surfing, portraits and set shots by Mat Arney.

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