Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shine A Light On: A Glimpse Through The Lens Of Chris Burkard

"I think we say a lot about who we are through our work."

This week the pictures do the talking. Even if you haven't picked up one of the many international surf publications that regularly feature his work (he's a staff photographer at Surfer magazine as well as contributing to numerous other magazines), if you've walked into a newsagents and just walked past the rack of surf mags recently then you'll have seen Chris Burkard's work jumping out from a front cover, like it or not.

There's good reason why the young Californian's work is so front and centre these days; simply put, he is all about good light. When you boil down photography it is just painting with light, but lots of people forget that in the rush for high octane images and their photographs don't have the same magic.

Chris was kind enough to send through a selection of images from his portfolio for this post, so scroll down and treat your retinas to some truly beautiful surf photography. Then right at the end, just when you're thinking about reaching for a pen and paper to write your letter of resignation so that you can go chase your dreams, there's a documentary video clip about Chris that'll tip you over the edge. Go ahead and get inspired.

Chris Burkard - Photographer from LONELYLEAP on Vimeo.

All images copyright Chris Burkard

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  1. Gorgeous photos, I hope one day to be able to take photos like that - I can only dream! :)