Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Coming, Best Get Ready...

Autumn's definitely bedded itself in here. I can hear Winter knocking on the door; stock up and get prepared:

1 - Soup.
2 - Tea, and a teapot.

3 - A good pair of gumboots and thick socks.
4 - Good friends.

5 - Lots of dry firewood.
6 - A warm jacket.
7 - A good thick winter wetsuit with a built-in hood.

8 - A project to see you through to the Spring.

9- A stack of good books.

10 - A determination to find the fun in the colder months, and a secure knowledge that Spring is on it's way.

Wavecrest's Wellington Boots and A Wheelbarrow of Wood images shot by Dave Williams, Winter 2010. All other images shot by Mat Arney over the darker months of the past few years, Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

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  1. lovin it mat - hope you're well and to see you soon.