Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Good Life

Hay Bale Kiss

Wedding Day Wellingtons

The seed tray of wonder, finding some sunflower seeds for the sunflower growing competition that I am most definitely losing.

"Wouldn't it be nice to take the inspiration for what you're going to wear in the morning from a pheasant; a red hat, iridescent blue scarf and a brown jacket...I might try it"

Sarah won "Most Valued Player" when we built the composting toilet. Nice medal.

Watering the ducks.

The wood shed.

In my head I have three places that I think of whenever I need to feel better about the world: The Eden Project, the Finisterre offices, and my friends Rob and Sarah's little slice of the good life on an organic herb farm in a beautiful corner of Somerset.

They live in a walled garden with a lovingly tended vegetable patch, some apple trees, three Shetland sheep and some chooks and ducks pecking around. I go up to visit them every now and then and try to time it so that I can help out in some way or another to make up for all of the times that I get in their way sticking my camera in their faces. We made a composting toilet last year and a month or so ago I went up to help them move some sheep from their newly planted orchard back to the walled garden for lambing. They feed me home-made bread and soup, eggs from their hens and on my last visit we went foraging for wild garlic and had hedgerow risotto for dinner. I never fail to come away with a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that there are people out there doing the right things for no other reason than because they are the right things to do. Not shouting or making a song and dance about it, or doing it because it's fashionable, Rob and Sarah just live a beautiful and wholesome existence for their own peace of mind and good health.

Inspiring hey, I need to take a leaf out of their book, or off their tree I guess.
We all should.

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