Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Bee-ness

Look who's been a busy bee...

My workbench down in the pit. Various picture frames made from reclaimed oak floorboards, salvaged iroko from old school science desks, plywood off-cuts and some leftover ash from my current big-build project. Waste not want not.

The blank canvas.

Hang time.

Because what I do to earn a living and what I actually do are many different things.
And I struggle to take myself seriously sometimes.

I try my best to use my time productively. These images are the result of a few of the things I've been working on through 2011 so far, in between making the most of the good waves we've been getting here in Cornwall. Fingers crossed I can keep the momentum going and this'll just be the start. There're a few exhibitions in the pipeline, is due an update, I've got some interesting trips planned, some stories half written and there's a pretty ambitious build project going on down in the pit which I'll lift the lid on fairly soon. Keep 'em peeled hey.

P.S. The business cards are 18% grey on purpose, so all you shutter-bugs can light-meter off them if you need to. For digi-clickers, it's the tone that the processor in your camera takes as average and works out all of the other colours from. Now you know.

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